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Tia Story

The world changed in 2020, and so did we. During this time of reflection, guest needs changed and we adapted our offering accordingly. TIA was created in a bold response, shifting the priority from relaxation to providing authentic wellness. As we better understood the importance of resilience while navigating change, our aim became to empower guests to play an active role in their future through wellness retreats that inspire and transform.

Our roots have been steeped in wellness since our brand began as Fusion Maia in 2008, when we first developed our spa-inclusive concept, the first of its kind in Vietnam. We evolved as spa leaders in the industry, winning accolades for our approach to mindful well-being. Our exciting new concept continues to build on this, taking wellness a step further by equipping guests with the tools necessary to rejuvenate and enhance their life.



Situated on a stunning beachfront and featuring elegant private pool villas, TIA Wellness Resort blends authentic well-being with understated luxury. Offering much more than just a relaxing escape, Wellness and Retreat inclusives redefine the spa experience by integrating progressive wellness into each stay. TIA takes bold steps in helping guests break free from routine to explore their creative potential in a journey of self-discovery. They will learn to upgrade their diets, breathe to regulate their system and move to better manage stress, returning home refreshed and renewed. This personal transformation takes place against a backdrop of idyllic pool villas that provide the ultimate private sanctuary in which to reconnect with inner stillness.



Treatments and wellness activities combined activate to your core creative energy

• Private pool villas with all-day breakfast
• Wellness-inclusive stays (2 daily spa treatments, total 80 min)
• Complimentary wellness mini bar & creative tea
• Inspirational wellness master classes (breathing, tai chi and more)
• TIA Bot app with wellness guidance


Customized micro-retreat designed to develop creativity and expansion in 3 nights, 4 days!

• Private pool villas with all-day breakfast
• Retreat-inclusive stays (2 daily wellness therapies, total 120 min)
• Complimentary wellness mini bar & creative tea
• Inspirational master classes (breathing, tai chi and more)
• Full board plant-based meal plan
• Private consultation and personal TIA wellness guide

TIA Wellness

TIA redefines the spa experience by integrating holistic well-being into your stay through treatments and wellness activities combined to activate your core creative energy. Our team sees that guests return home with wellness tools to ensure they continue to benefit from their stay long after leaving the resort.


Dine With TIA

TIA Wellness programs have been designed to boost your core creative energy and wellness potential through light nourishment for enhanced vibrancy. Customised, detox and regeneration meal plans are available, along with healthy, plant-based culinary highlights such as pop-up eateries and a wellness-friendly kitchen.