Why the World needs More Wellness

By Stephanie Shiu


2020 needs no introduction… The global pandemic was pivotal in many ways: some challenging, others were silver linings. Hospitality was among the industries hit hardest, but it also helped to raise awareness of the need for holistic, preventative well-being — and living with purpose, meaning and creativity. Rather than embracing the jetset lifestyle, travellers are now exploring locally or discovering destinations for longer, a more sustainable solution not only for the planet, but also for health and well-being.


In response to the international shifts as a result of Covid-19, the rebranding of Fusion Maia Da Nang to independent brand TIA Wellness Resort epitomises important lessons in resilience while navigating change. It provides a unique opportunity to focus on wellness and serve guests by creating new value from the travel experience. Dealing with uncertainty has become the norm for guests, which in turn has created the desire to be proactive, rather than reactive, in their responses. Helping them take steps towards the TIA pillars to transform, inspire and act for a more fulfilling life has become the team’s mission.


Catalyst for Change


The typical TIA guest works hard to achieve career success and support an active family, often to the detriment of their own self-care. This can lead to feeling stuck and confused in life, and requires more than the traditional elements of a holiday — a clean safe space, tasty food and relaxation — to feel inspired or creative. While there will be plenty of opportunities to break free from routine and clear the mind, the idea is that a stay at TIA Wellness Resort provides the education and tools to upgrade life going forward, and facilitating lasting change.


The fresh concept is a departure from the outdated idea of a getaway providing solely relaxation, and one that instead focuses on a journey of transformation, and meeting the needs for purpose and meaning. Unwinding is still very much part of the TIA DNA as idyllic pool villas and stunning beachfront are naturally conducive to down time. The difference is that here guests are empowered through inspirational wellness retreats designed to activate their creative energy.


A Ray of Light


Meaning ‘ray’ in Vietnamese and a symbol of light, TIA Wellness Resort retains Fusion Maia Da Nang’s award-winning and sought-after spa-inclusive concept—the first of its kind in Vietnam— yet takes it to the next level with inclusive programs that integrate progressive well-being into each stay.


Authentic self-expression and creative leadership are at the forefront of TIA, where an expert team will guide guests through their wellness journey as they learn to upgrade their diets, breathe better and move to manage stress, so they are calm and connected, returning home refreshed and renewed. Their sessions are designed to help them realise that they can create their future by supporting themselves and others to shine.


Rather than providing an escape from reality, at TIA guests are empowered to play an active role in shaping their reality. Our wellness team supports guests after they return home with tools to ensure they continue to benefit from their stay long after leaving the resort. Through our blog, vlog and TIA-Bot app, guests experience ongoing self-inquiry and creative content to enhance their sense of purpose and possibility.


The Program


Guests can opt for two TIA stays, depending on whether they would like to ease into a program gently with Creative Energy, or dive deeper into self-discovery and expression with Creative Possibility which develops conscious action. Both programs ensure that the spa and wellness experience is tailored for each guest based on their unique needs, focusing on quality and customization.


Creative Energy includes two guaranteed daily two treatments (80 minutes in total) from the extensive spa menu. Free daily wellness classes are also included as part of the standard room rate, and other highlights on the calendar include pop-up art shows and culinary events, rotating weekend retreats and visiting wellness practitioners.


The two night, three-day Creative Possibility has been crafted to promote deep relaxation and living purposefully. Guests taking part in this program will enjoy 120 minutes of daily specialized therapeutic wellness treatments. They also have access to their own personal TIA wellness guide who will tailor the entire journey, including plant- based full-board meals.


Sanctuary for Personal Growth


TIA Wellness is the perfect place to honour inner stillness and bold creativity on your transformative wellness journey. Each program at TIA Wellness has been designed to support relaxation, creative expression and living a meaningful life by eating light for enhanced vibrancy, mindful movement classes and therapies and coaching and retreat pathways to open up endless possibilities for self-development.


Keen on Green


TIA Wellness Resort boasts imaginative eateries with wellness-focused menus designed to educate and encourage our guests to eat light and maintain a balanced diet. A customizable vegan meal plan and guided detox retreats are available, and personalized retreats can be created for interested guests. TIA menus consider nutrition, vibrancy and variety with plant-based culinary delights. Fun pop-up eateries are a highlight, in which local and international culinary icons are challenged to create inspiring works of art to nourish the mind and body.


A Customized Treat


Our wellness philosophy focuses on supporting relaxation and creative self-expression while helping you unwind with pampering treatments. Traditional holistic spa therapies and beauty treatments are available, alongside wellness therapies that fuse Reiki energy healing with aromatherapy and acupressure.


Purposeful Play


All inclusive programs and micro-retreats include access to complimentary classes and events that align you with well-being and connect you to creativity. These include Signature Master Class – Breathwork, Active Yoga Flow, Lifestyle Tai Chi and Creative Workshop with Signature Tea —an opportunity to get to know our coaches and other guests through fun, inspiring and mindful activities.


Community-led Support


During their stay, guests will have access to in-residence wellness masters, as well as visiting practitioners and creatives (both local and international) to help them make a splash in the world.
The TIA Wellness team supports guests on their transformative journey, ensuring that tools are available to facilitate ongoing inspiration and creativity even after leaving the resort.


Special Guests & Wellness Calendar


Visiting practitioners offer innovative coaching, workshops and retreats. All guests have the option of booking one-on one sessions with dedicated coaches and practitioners in residence. In these individual sessions, our team of experts support you with self-awareness techniques to ensure that you get the most out of your TIA journey.


In addition to our foundational Creative Possibility Retreat, TIA’s rotational weekend retreat calendar encompasses additional themed events offered by both in-residence and visiting creatives and practitioners.


Deeper Guidance


Should guests seek deeper, more personalized guidance, they can participate in our Life Coaching Package, which provides one-on-one access to skilled coaches. These sessions help facilitate long-term transformation by building action plans that guests take into daily life after their departure. TIA coaching programs are available to all guests, and sessions can be done long distance before or after a visit.


Covid may spell the end of the conventional escape, introducing a new era of travel centred around personal growth and ongoing improvement. The trip isn’t over once the plane wheels hit the tarmac and your suitcase is unpacked. A meaningful retreat should offer enough food for thought to keep you satiated until your next visit, which then continues to build on an expanding wellness skill set helping you become more physically, mentally and emotionally well-rounded. If anything the journey has just begun….




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